A Brilliant Awakening

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A Brilliant Awakening - Piano Trio Album



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14 reviews for A Brilliant Awakening

  1. Zara Nybo

    Absolutely amazing. I own his first album and love it, soothing, yet thrilling at the same time!
    Depths of a seashell is my favourite song off this new album.

  2. Jacqueline Kofoed

    David’s new album is truly brilliant. I have been listening to his music for a few years and love it. Now, his incredibly talented piano playing blended with these other instruments is simply stunning. Thank you, David, for blessing this world with your music!

  3. Sven

    I’ve been listening to David’s music for a few years now, beginning with his first album Soothing My Soul. He is very talented and his music is always very heartfelt. He continues to improve and grow as a musician and composer, adding new elements to his music and expanding his sound, without reducing any of its authenticity. Very excited for this new album and to continue following the career of this talented young artist.

  4. Dawn

    David has the most enchanting, mesmerizing touch to the piano when he plays. His music has always brought a beautiful peace to my life. He plays with such passion and you can hear it in every note. Each composition brings you to a place like no other.. Each song a beautiful story.

  5. Tonya Peralta

    I have always loved David’s music, it is incredibly soothing~ I am not sure how to explain it, but it sort of takes your mind to a different place and removes all the day-to-day stresses. My young son said, “can we listen to that music that makes it feel like my head is being massaged?”… he was referring to David’s music. For a child to recognize the beauty and therapeutic nature of David’s music sure does say a lot. Thank you David for creating this beautiful music for us all to enjoy~

  6. Gabriela

    Wow! Daivid’s love for his music shines through in this new album. He has created wonderful arrangements that flow beautifully and have a very calming feel. In this chaotic world, I find the music of David Henderson relaxing and grounding, which bring me back to what is important. I highly recommend this album!

  7. Jule Patten Kamakana

    What perfect timing! With my husband very ill, and living for days and days on the edge, in his hospital room… David sent me some clips of his new album! His music was so amazingly peaceful, calming, It took me emotionally into a place that lifted me into such a beautiful psychic well-being! Not only is his compositions moving, but adding the violin and cello, makes the ebb and flow of his compositions feel like an ethedrial dance, where your mind can’t help but join! This is pure magic David!

  8. Crystal Salas

    In a world that is always asking us to be in a million places at once, it can be challenging to remain present in any one mental location. This album, as well as his last, “Soothing My Soul,” creates a space and then invites the listener to be still and receptive of the gifts of such stillness. As a writer and a teacher, this music, with a melody which simultaneously haunts and exhilarates, has provided me and my students both, a background to become grounded in, to give ourselves over to the here-and-now of our work. David is a very gifted musician and composer; each song is a portal to this coveted place of reflection. I am grateful for the vehicle his music provides!

  9. Dayna Henderofson

    I recently found David’s music (A Brilliant Awakening) on Pandora and fell in love! It has that kind of classical feel without being pretentious and each song has a unique variety of movements that keep me interested in listening. This trio composition is radically different from his first album, Soothing My Soul. I’m a fan — hoping that he’ll go on tour so I could see him live!

  10. Grace Williams

    Listening to this music is like eating a chocolate truffle. It is so rich, but you can’t help going back for more. It is the sort of music that you want to have with you on a plane ride to someplace new, or perhaps when you are all alone and want to feel the rest of the world drop away. A completely beautiful album!

  11. Claire Williams

    All I want to do is listen to to David Henderson’s music. His skill in composition and performance is unparalleled, and this album’s accompanying violin and cello are brilliant. Cascading notes which both follow and lead the listener…. incredible.

  12. Nicole Pease

    David’s latest album has left me in awe. While his first album was soothing and beautiful, his second album seems to be him challenging what he can do as an artist. Each song has it’s own unique story that he conveys to the listener. The trio of instruments comes together beautifully in a way that is wholly different from what he has done before. I look forward to whatever he does next.

  13. Joline Prittie

    Loved his first album. Thought it couldn’t be beat, but this one has some added sounds and twists to flow very skillfully from one interlude to the next! Was charmed by the speed and tempo! Nothing dull here. With a melody that slooths and inspire!

  14. Ender Raine

    Stunning and enlightening, a work of craftsmanship and care. Uplifting. Technically impressive but not grandstanding, fully enjoyable.

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